Sergej Ovcharuk Art

“I breathe and live for painting. It is my passion. The power of color has had a tremendous impact on my world and dominated my view of life since my early childhood, continuing into my adult life.”

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Salvador Dali once stated to emerging artists: “The artist must be able to create the gemstones on canvas by his brush”.

The Creative Path

Managing the creative process is no easy achievement. Channeling artistic inspiration tends to be tough and even ruthless at times, making you feel lonesome, and unable to resist temptations.

With each and every mistake, bitter disappointment wells up. Steeling yourself against the relentless pressure, day after day, will hardly ever help you find lifelong friendship or the same degree of devotion. Nor do you find yourself in the limelight, your spirits high.


Art means everything to me and I want to share and give an insight into how I believe that the forces of good rule over our conscience, and through our sensitivity to art comes a feeling of wellbeing.

For Sale

My latest work available for purchase. All prices provided upon request. Please contact me at Thank you!

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